Funds awarded from Hennøy Wind Park in Norway has enabled community association, Svelgen Opp og Fram, to plan new facilities at a local bathing spot. This is just one of the projects funded this month, marking the third distribution of funds from the Hennøy Wind Association this year. 

Hennøy Wind Park, in Bremanger, was developed by Renantis Norway AS (formerly Falck Renewables Norway AS). The wind farm provides tax revenues to the state and municipality, but it also offers direct support to the local population through a fund managed by the Hennøy Wind Association. This association has an independent board consisting of representatives from the local community and distributes funds provided by Hennøy Wind Park. 

Svelgen Opp og Fram has worked voluntarily to build toilet facilities at the popular bathing spot Mevika in Svelgen, but there was a significant shortfall in the funds needed to complete the project. Thanks to the funds awarded by the Hennøy Wind Association, the facilities project can be completed.  

In addition, the association awarded other community projects with funds, some of which will provide equipment and learning opportunities for children and young people in the local area.   

Renantis has wind parks in several European countries, including Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Finland, and Sweden, where funds are also provided to local communities in a similar way to Hennøy Wind Park. The association receives contributions from the wind parks throughout the lifetime of the facilities. 

“When we develop a wind park, we consider both the environment and social, technical, and economic factors to ensure that we can deliver a project that contributes to our purpose – to build a better future for all, by supplying energy to people’s daily powering people’s everyday lives, with care.  

“We are committed to sharing our values with communities around our wind parks in various ways. Establishing local funds is a great way to show communities that they share in these values,” says Marco Asprone, CEO of Renantis Norway AS.