Foggathorpe Compostable Toilet

Brief project description

To provide an environmentally friendly compostable toilet at the Parish Meadow, a community space in the village of Foggathorpe where local people gather for events.

Anticipated results

The compostable toilet will be open at all times and will be a real amenity for the village. It will support the Friends of Foggathorpe Meadow who spend Saturday mornings working at the Meadow. It will also help keep costs down at public events on the Meadow as there will be no need to hire in mobile toilets.

Name of community benefit fund

Spaldington Airfield Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

Wind farm



Foggathorpe Parish Meadow, Foggathorpe, East Yorkshire

Starting date

24 October 2017

Total project budget


Amount of support provided by Falck Renewables