Brief project description

Big Burn Walk, Golspie is a sheltered walk with a route that passes over several bridges through a secretive gorge and it has two waterfalls. The Big Burn Walk is very popular with locals and visitors to the area. This project was initiated by a landslide which took down a large tree across steps and swept away a section of the path making the lower section of the path network unsafe and inaccessible.

Anticipated results of the project

Funding for the project was successful. The path was built up and widened to 1.2 metres, both bridges were reconstructed without steps and bypasses installed. A dry stone retaining wall was constructed where the landslide had been and drai-nage was improved throughout.

Name of the community benefit fund

Kilbraur Wind Farm Community Benefit Trust

Wind farm

Kilbraur Wind Farm



Starting date

Total project budget


Amount of support provided by Falck Renewables