Solar panels for the Boyndie Visitor Centre building

Brief project description

A major expansion and upgrading of the Boyndie Visitor Centre building has taken place, providing more space and better accommodation for both customers and clients and also providing the ability for young people with mobility issues (use of wheelchair, walking aids, etc) to be able to gain from a wider selection of learning opportunities and work experience.  The bulk of the £200k project was covered by European LEADER funding, private charitable trusts and approximately 25% from Boyndie Trust’s own reserves.

£10k of the funding came from the Boyndie Community Wind Farm Fund for the fitting of 10kw solar panels on the restaurant roof, this will more or less power the visitor centre’s lighting and restaurant refrigeration, reducing its carbon footprint and its running costs.

LEADER funding would not have been possible to fund the PV system as it would have been non-eligible; but by having it in the total project plan it was shown that the enhanced building would be more energy-efficient, and this improved the case for LEADER funding being granted to the main rebuild.  The windfarm money clearly improved the chance of success of the LEADER application, as well as providing the PV system itself.

Anticipated results of the project

Reduced running costs of the visitor’s centre. Additionally, the solar panels will power an electric pressurisation pump to improve the rainwater harvest system fitted in 2012, which is used to water plants for sale in the garden centre.

Name of the community benefit fund

Boyndie Wind Farm Community Fund

Wind farm

Boyndie Wind Farm



Starting date / Timeline

The project was completed in April 2019

Total project budget